Monmouth University Athletics
In 2014 I had the honor of rebranding the Monmouth University Athletics Department. As a local to the area, I had grown up around the University and although I'm not an alumni, I have friends and family who are. I had already established a strong relationship with the team while working on smaller one-off projects for events and promotions and as that relationship grew, we began discussing a total rebrand of the department and the complexity of that work.
After agreeing on the scope and timeline the project was completed over the course of a few months. Between the primary and secondary marks, one and multi color designs, and departments and sports all needing new marks, we finished with just under 700 individual marks.
Today, this remains one of my favorite projects. There is something really special about going about your day and seeing people proudly wearing your designs, or driving by cars with M magnets. It brightens my day just a little every time I see this project in the wild, and I continue to be proud of it.