La-La's Chocolate Chip Cookies
I was initially approached by the owner of La-La's Chocolate Chip Cookies with a problem not unlike what many other companies are dealing with. They had a fantastic (delicious) product, but the packaging was doing more harm than good. As it turns out, paper bags are less than ideal for both product freshness and customer attention. 
We discussed what the best ways to feature the product on the packaging would be. How do we properly show the unique texture and vibrant colors of the cookies? What we landed on was a design that leveraged crisp, well lit photography that mirrored the real life cookies as closely as possible. Combined with a larger packaging window, the packaging itself takes a backseat to the cookies.
 Project scope included a redesign of the existing La-La's logo, complete packaging design, product photography, copy writing, and marketing consultations. The result is a brand identity aligned with the quality of product and a packaging experience on par with companies hundreds of times larger.